Many veterans who have contacted VA Help Center are surprised at the savings and offers provided. Not many veterans are aware of what benefits are available to them. The VA do not actively advertise loans as normal conventional, FHA and USDA type loans may. The VA don’t  lend the money so all they can do is let the veteran know of their current eligibility.

VA Help Center helps veterans understand what it means to have eligibility and the options available because of it.

We inform home owners that the process is as easy as it sounds. The only hangups would be collections, judgments or liens that could be against the property. Also if there are any reported late payments we may need to get an exception to push the file through.

In order for us to help we do need veterans to be current on their mortgage payment with no past due amounts.

By doing a rate reduction you are given the ability to free up additional funds. With these funds you can pay your home off quicker or pay off other bills and debts.  As other bills are paid off this will free up additional funds creating a compounding affect you could use to pay your house off quicker.