The VA program was setup for military in 1944 by the United States government. Veterans would come home and because of the standard movement and relocation find it a challenge to qualify for conventional programs. For this reason the VA established the VA home loan allowing for certain home purchase guidelines to be removed. Through the guarantee of the VA, lenders are willing to provide veterans with the VA program and finance the property at more favorable rates.

There have been millions of veterans and their families that have used the VA loan. The VA program has been proven to be one of the best options for veterans.

Those who have served can now receive better benefits then those who have not. The VA will do 100% financing on purchases which is not available to conventional or FHA home purchasers without additional loans being included.

Credit is not the main focus for qualifying for a VA home loan. In order to understand all the requirements and benefits of what a VA loan has to offer contact us today. VA Help Center will answer any questions you have with no obligation. We are here to serve our veterans and help make purchasing a home a good experience (801) 871-3739.

VA Loan Benefits over other loan programs

100% financing

No monthly mortgage insurance payments

Competitive Rates – Lenders like the VA Guarantee

Qualification process backed by the VA

Because the VA only Guarantee the loan its up to you to find the right lender. You can search and contact a number of lenders or you can allow us to do that for you. We have access to all the VA lenders who focus on taking care of Veteran. We have built relationships over the last 10+ years with many different lender so you can sit back and know you will be given the program that best fits your needs.

If you are looking to qualify for a VA home loan remember that loan amounts can affect your rate. We have lenders that have no hits on jumbo loans which are over $417,000. Some programs you cannot avoid the hit but can make sure you are aware of all charges if you choose to take on a jumbo loan.

We can also help get you information on your Jumbo loan if you would like to know what products are available to you.


The VA Loan is a great product for disabled veterans because you can waive the VA funding fee. The VA Funding fee is a form of insurance for all lenders that take your loan. That is why veterans are able to receive additional benefits where other loan programs are not. The VA funding fee is not the same on all purchases depending on the use of your eligibility in the past. Standard upfront VA funding fee for first time purchase is 2.15 percent of the purchase price of the home. Any additional use of your VA funding fee for cash-out or purchase would be subject to 3.3 percent rolled on top of your loan. Consult with a VA Help Center specialist in order to know what charges my apply to you.