The VA Streamline loan is a great option for veterans who are looking to take advantage of their VA benefits. Through this program, while already having a VA loan, you are able to obtain a new loan without needing all the documentation a full qualification loan would need.

The underwriting process set up for VA IRRRL’s has been streamlined to move past income verification and requiring a need for appraisal. Since you already have a VA home loan, you qualify for this program through your VA benefits, and go into closing with no money out of your pocket.

Any cost associated with your interest rate reduction refinance loan can be rolled into your current loan, eliminating all out of pocket expenses to the veteran.

Streamline loans and requirements can be the same for owner occupied or investment owned properties as long as they are guaranteed by the VA.

Benefits of a VA Home Loan (VA 30 Year Fixed)

The VA program has been set up by the veteran’s affairs to take care of veterans, service members, and military families. The VA 30 Year Fixed program allows VA home loan owners to take advantage of some of the lowest 30 year fixed rates. Veterans are able to benefit from these programs with the ability to do 100% financing.

Those who already own the VA home loan and would like to receive a lower VA 30 year fixed rate through their benefits, can do an interest rate reduction refinance loan, as long as it is of benefit to them.

VA Help Center’s mortgage license specialists are here to answer questions as well as help veterans understand their benefits. VA Help Center also will make sure the program selected meets the VA guidelines of being of benefit to the homeowner.

Additional Benefits Received Through The VA Homeowner Program

VA 15 Year Fixed

The 15 Year VA Program is set up to help veterans who would like to pay their house off faster. VA Help Center provides some of the lowest interest rates for the 15 year program.

Military homeowners who would like more equity within their home, choose to go with the 15 year VA guaranteed program. With this program, the veteran can pay their house off faster, while paying significantly less interest to the lender.